Laboratory testing is a very complex and sensitive process. While inconclusive results are rare, they can and do happen. There are many causes that can result in an inconclusive result including environmental, temperature control, contamination of food or drink consumed (normally within 30 minutes of test), or very early infection stages. In the event of an inconclusive test, our laboratories will re-run the test cycle of your sample. Your test result will display as inconclusive in your customer profile area until the re-test has been completed. 

There is no guarantee that the re-cycle of your test will provide a conclusive result and in some cases you may be required to provide a new sample. We always recommend that you book your test as early as possible, but within your destination country’s stipulated accepted ‘test result to destination arrival’ timeframe (often 72 hours), to allow for these exceptions. We are not responsible for any direct, indirect, or consequential loss incurred as a result of an inconclusive test result.