In most situations as long as the actual test (both type and timing) complies with the regulations of your destination country, and you do not leave the transit zone enroute, your test will be compliant. It is important to make sure the time validity of your test is not compromised by any increased journey time due to flight delay, cancellation or another reason.

If you do leave the transit area and stop over before resuming your journey, you will be governed by regulations between the country where you stop over and the country of your final destination, which may be different – so please make sure you remain compliant with the regulations of your final destination. 

For connecting flight(s): 

- If the total transit duration does not exceed 24 hours, the 72-hour window will be counted from the time of departure of the first leg or segment of your journey.

- If the total transit duration is more than 24 hours, a COVID-19 pre-departure test must be taken within 72 hours from the final leg or segment of your journey.

Please note, there are exceptions to this transit guidance. It is the sole responsibility of passengers to clarify transit regulations for their destination. Regulations and restrictions are changing rapidly so please check your destination government website for the latest up to date requirements.